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03-Apr-2016 19:35

NEW YORK, Jan 10 (Reuters) - A Sudanese diplomat was arrested in New York City and charged with sexually rubbing up against a woman in a subway car but the charges were dropped and he was released because he had diplomatic immunity, police said on Tuesday.Mohammad Abdalla Ali, 49, was riding a train out of the city's Grand Central Terminal on Monday afternoon when he approached a 38-year-old woman from behind and rubbed his crotch against her, New York Police Department spokeswoman Arlene Muniz said in a phone interview.Despite these ripe conditions for the spread of HIV, sex education programs in Sudan are limited to those involved in scientific and research work.Much needed education and condom promotion, however, will hopefully be forthcoming through the national AIDS association and prevention program.The investigation focused on attacks by government forces but both sides have perpetrated ethnic massacres, recruited and killed children and carried out widespread rape, torture and forced displacement of populations to 'cleanse' areas of their opponents. A human rights investigator said: 'Nobody knows what's happening in Mayom County,' where many of the women were taken.The 30-year old mother was seized when soldiers attacked her village in Rubkona County in April. One military expert estimated that 'thousands of women' were abducted during the offensive.'In all the southern Unity counties it's been the same: those women who escape are lucky.The same holds true for male homosexual intercourse and relations, especially in urban centers, student hostels, military barracks, and similar camps where men live together in common quarters.Gay sex is institutionalized in certain Nuba mountain tribes to the South and among certain spirit possession cult groups.

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Infection levels are of particular concern among patients with other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), prostitutes, and long-distance truck drivers.A woman, her cousin, her son and her son's friend carry their belongings as they walk through the United Nations base outside Bentiu, which hosts around 118,000 people uprooted during the country's 21-month old civil war ©Tristan Mc Connell (AFP/File) 'When one of the soldiers wanted to have sex he would come, untie us and take us away.

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