Sql sp4 validating user chemical plants consolidating

26-Jun-2016 09:36

Installing SP4 for SQL Server 2000 is remarkably similar to installing SP3a.However (and this is a bit odd) the install hangs just after you provide dbo credentials (either your own windows creds are good enough or an sa password) with the non-cancellable message "Validating User" or "Validating Password" your temp directory has a space in it! To fix, kill the install process (I don't believe it's done any damage at this point) and change your TEMP and TMP environment variables to be something oldschool like "C:\temp" (presumably you had "C:\Documents and Settings\Temp" before), and restart the install.Have I validated everything I can by the end of "Check Files in Use"?Does going to "Ready to update" add value to the validation?When applying a Service Pack to a production SQL server, I usually have a planned downtime window of around 30 minutes.Having been bitten before, and discovering that a required precondition like a patch is not in place, that can add several minutes to your downtime window ().This guy had another, different problem with the same symptom (and this is where I got the info about the temp directory - a well known problem apparently).A corrupt MSDB database caused the install to fail with the same issue - the actual problem was squirreled away in the install log file.

The only thing which can happen is after successful upgrade you need to start the windows machine.It is recommended that you prepare a sandbox environment to test your Tasktop Integration Hub configuration before deploying it in production.