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However, at the end of each year, the student discerns his progress in the seminary and makes a commitment for the following year if he decides to continue. Seminarians need to complete FAFSA in order to receive academic scholarships from John Carroll University. Therefore, the seminary recommends that students do not seek employment.

If a student decides not to commit to the next year, the student is free to leave the seminary. However, if financial need becomes necessary, seminarians would need permission from the rector before seeking employment.

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Unlike some of my brother seminarians, my road to this vocation has not been direct.Its primary goal is to aid young men in the path of discernment so they achieve clarity as to whether they are being called to priesthood or to another Christian vocation. However, in respect to the other seminarians, family and friends cannot enter the dormitory except when permitted. A man exploring the possibility of the priesthood is being called to live as closely the life of a priest as possible.