14-Feb-2016 23:47

gets called before the appropriate Endpoint Adapter triggers the invocation of the endpoint itself.

This mechanism can be used for a large field of preprocessing aspects, e.g.

I'm triying to map the request to the endpoints using Payload Root Annotation Method Endpoint Mapping, but it shows an error when try to connect. Add more Payload Validating Interceptor to Payload Root Annotation Method Endpoint Mapping Hi, I got a problem when i tried to add more than one Payload Validating Interceptor to the Payload Root Annotation Method Endpoint Mapping. I want to use an After returning advice after my endpoint methods runs.

I am using Payload Root Annotation Method Endpoint Mapping, so do I put the @Endpoint and @Payload Root annotations on the interface so I ...

There were many clients of the service, each with their own keys, so I needed to use the ws-addressing From address to choose the encryption key for the return message.

Notre site dépend de ces cookies pour fonctionner correctement.First of all, is it possible to use the Wss4j Security Interceptor with Payload Root Annotation Method Endpoint Mapping?

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