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06-Oct-2016 04:59

If you can live with that style, My Space is a perfectly functioning messenger.

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If you’re a fan or even more, a part of the My Space network, you’ll most definitely enjoy an instant messenger that can bring you closer to friends and family.

Explanations for the phenomenal growth in traffic, page views per session, membership explosion and brandshare have been attributed to everything from the ugly design to the music industry affiliations to the youthful need for freedom of expresssion and the fact that Tom is everyone's friend.

My theory runs a bit simpler - kids want to have sex and My Space delivers.

As well as My Space, you can use Skype, although you have to imort contacts from Skype, and you 'call' using your My Space name.

Myspace yahoo im sex chat-17

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The app itself is quite attractive, and has a range of skins for you to choose.

While you chat, you´re represented with you photo, and everything you say will appear into a balloon, like in a cartoon.