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Other than the fact that the game will be an MMO, we really don't have any further details.It may or may not come to this side of the world, and I'm sure that if it doesn't, people will be very, very sad indeed. (hitbox, twitch, etc) twitch.tv/kaslo25 • Do you stream PC, Console, or both. • What games do you primarily stream (League, XIV, Minecraft, SF4) Destiny, XIV, Splatoon, JRPGs (currently working through KH Birth by Sleep and Fire Emblem (GBA)) • How high a quality do you shoot for in your stream. • Would you consider yourself a more family oriented stream or more adult themed. • What is your twitter handle so we can follow you. Also, if my idiot friend Derek is over and I can get him to talk....every other word is fuck. I also dabble in FFXI, FFVII, Chrono Trigger and a few other older JRPGs My stream is NOT family-friendly. Twitter is @Zetanio_Lo L • What is the full link to your stream. I also play League on stream here and there and I want to get in a couple hours of a console game every week(until completion). Other hardware/features - webcam, music, archives, and hosting. I don't curse at all but sometimes we may have funny discussion where words slip out. • My other internet stuff is Twitter @Veedotme and Youtube • • PC Onry • FFXIV Raid Progression (Vent chat included), Occassionally other games like The Binding of Isaac or emulators • 720x60 • During Raid nights, yeah, we curse like sailors. • Tuesdays are Destiny day (or new/event), otherwise, I play a whatever (Omega Quintent/Witcher 3/Telltale games lately). Outside of my raiding schedule it's whatever I feel like playing, this could be Smite, Hearthstone, Hot S and sometimes Diablo III and Heavensward early launch. (by making the party you become the party president) 3) Press the “Matching” buttom in the Date Matching window 4) Select what instance you wanna do.The first being for lvl 1-20 and the 2nd being lvl 21-40 Information from this guide on the forums.

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Wow that's really awesome to support people that stream.

The Grapevine is hosted by one of four people with a cap of eight participants per event (not including the host). Participants are placed in their seats at random both IC and OOC.