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Seminal fluid is the stuff that the tadpole swims in.

These are the golden years, the time we discover ourselves and when we solidify our identities.That is an accomplishment, but you could have sucked up your pride instead.You could have allowed your parents to pay for you and focused on your studies.We have to make sure we streamline all the things we expect from ourselves in order to ensure that we never look back at this time with any hint of regret.

Below I have listed the 20 ways we waste time in our 20s and how we might possibly avoid all this useless expenditure so that we never squander a second of the precious time that our youth affords.“Wait and see how easy it will be once you are out on your own!

And, perhaps most important, seminal fluid gives the sperm the energy (in the form of fructose) they need for their arduous swim.